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SEO Services to Attract – Traffic Generation

Over 200 million Searches are happening on search engines. Some searches are for your services or products as well. Why Not gain your Customers from these genuine searches. Our Goal is to help you gain visibility on search engines and conversions on website.

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  • Search engine optimization has significantly evolved in recent years. As we move into 2015 we should know that ON page SEO has changed a lot. On the technical side, keywords are important but not verbatim. Optimized page titles, uniform URL structures will be the new thing in 2015. Site speed and load time optimization could really be the next big feature of the ON page world. Developing great Content is at centre of every great strategy. There is no way a website can rank well in search engines without great content. Hence, companies will have to think like a publisher. We at SSC India offer top SEO services in India. Our methodology is unparalleled in the industry. We propose advanced ON page SEO will completely revamp your website.

Advanced link building

  • Partnership building links – Partner links don’t have direct link with the SEO but they are an important tool for developing your audience and increasing your sphere of influence. It leads to natural traffic building which can be of great use to your site.
  • Online PR building – There are lot of serious reasons why online PR helps your business. Other than keeping your customers up to date, it helps to gather fresh inbound links through your press releases. You can build credibility and create new traffic through your release.
  • Influencer outreach – What you say about your brand is important, the real game changer is when others talk about your brand. Getting influencers to talk about your brand is the most vital aspect of any campaign. That’s how the right buzz is created. We are glad to declare that we offer these advances process that makes us the organization to offer the largest variety of  affordable SEO services in India.

Link Building Campaigns

  • Blogger outreach campaign – There are two important facts that really matter. One is Good Bloggers are very focused on their niches, secondly they have a very engaged community of readers. The simple rule is the more influential bloggers you can get to talk about your brand, better traffic you will generate. Let bloggers produce some high quality content for you. The most successful outreach campaigns embrace new relationships with bloggers. This is the best way to ensure content outreach.
  • Infographics – Let’s be honest, it’s easier to explain complex data through visual graphics. Also, an infographic gives you a permanent linkable asset that can stay relevant months after it’s published on your website. It’s a must have asset.
  • Guest blogging – Guest Blogging is under a lot of spotlight these days. Ever since Google almost declared it as a spammy practice, web writers are very watchful. Guest blogging can still be valuable even without the links. Remember Content matters! The best SEO services know where to draw the line.

Mobile SEO Services

  • There is an active rumor that mobile user experience is becoming a major ranking factor in Google’s search engine algorithm. Mobile Internet has almost surpassed the desktop Internet and will continue to grow in 2015. According to an estimate, by the end of this year there will be as many as 50 billion local searches using mobile devices. It is a simple fact that mobile-friendly websites will rank better with Google. It’s important to avoid common mistakes like unwanted redirects, mobile 404s, blocked media content and slow load time.

Franchise SEO strategy

  • Franchise SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a franchise businesses website. We’ll try to have all the franchises under one roof, unless the business model requires a sub domain.
  • We look at schema markup, local content optimization, Google maps optimization and more.
  • The process requires a link building strategy focused on delivering real value. We do this through planned outreach programs and effective content marketing.
  • It’s important that the local customers land to a high quality webpage which they were looking for. It’s important to optimize the webpage for local information. Remember, any franchise with regional page will have more localized exposure and more traffic. We at SSC India provide top notch Online Franchise management ideas that are probably the best. Our ideas and offerings are among the best SEO services in India. We are innovative and fast with our decisions. It’s your business that matters to us.

Ecommerce SEO strategy

  • Category pages need to convey right information as your visitors will be scanning, looking for the products to explore in more detail. Hence, it is common for site owners and marketers to direct traffic to their main category pages. Product pages are valuable because you can build great content for visitors to conduct research, and really differentiate your portal from anyone else in the market. It is important to optimize these pages to generate right traffic and general usability. Clean looking URL’s helps to an extent as well. Another important concern is how to handle redirects as well.
  • Canonical Tag optimization – The canonical tag sets the preferred URL for any given page. This is useful for situations when the CMS uses various URLs for the same page. The search engines really dislike duplicate content. This tag can help the search providers know that the content appearing on multiple URLs is the same and can index them separately.

Local SEO strategy

  • Citations are very important component of the ranking algorithms in Google and Bing. Businesses with a greater number of citations will probably rank higher than businesses with fewer citations. Citations are even more vital in less-competitive or local niches, where it can act as a serious competitive advantage. Bottom line is Citations can dramatically improve your local search engine rankings. At SSC India we ensure that you get the best SEO services in the region. We ensure that you will see increase in local traffic.
  • Schema markup is code that we put on the website to help the search engines return more informative results for our audience. Schema markup was invented keeping users in mind. Implementing schema mark up will make sure that sites stay ahead of the curve.
  • NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) is vital for businesses wishing to rank well in the local organic search results, because search engines take the data into account while they determine which companies to show for geo-targeted searches. It is important to put correct NAP detail.
  • Once a website is set up, it is seen by people all around the world. For local business owners, local traffic is really what is of the utmost importance. It is crucial when the customer is just around the next corner. This makes geo-targeting so imperative for today’s businesses.
  • Local link building can be very effective for businesses that are small and have a greater potential for local customers. Local partnerships, local sponsorships and local directories are some really important mediums through which a local business can communicate.

International SEO services

  • Intelligent and qualified perspectives from outside can only help improve the mistakes, produce more opportunities, validate the active plans and increase ROI. There is lot more to translating a website as you need to convert from one culture to another. This is why we at SSC India use our deep understanding of any local language and culture and produce something that appeals to the soul of the local reader. We help our global clients make the most of their investment in SEO. SSC India is here to help you unleash your site’s maximum potential thanks to our Inbound Marketing Services. Our complete proficiency in Inbound Marketing Services will help you plan your online marketing campaigns with full confidence. Do consult us to know why we are often described as best SEO providers in India.

SEO to Convert Visitors into Leads – Lead Generation

If you are selling a product/service on your website and you want your audience to opt for your service. It could be anything from a plain newsletter to any consumer product; the first step is to set up a conversion cycle that you can monitor. Website conversion cycle or funnel comprises of five attributes:

  • Call to action – CTA is the text or button anywhere on your website that creates thrill about the deal or offer at hand. Every page of your website should have a CTA placed on it and it should be clearly relevant to the page.
  • Relevant Landing Page – When a visitor clicks on a CTA they must be sent to a landing page with proper headline.
  • Create a Form – Your form is the final barrier for a visitor, before they get converted to leads. The goal is to get as many prospects as possible to complete the form and convert into a lead.
  • Thank You Page – A thank you page can help groom a newly created relationship. We can also let our new leads share the offer via social media.
  • Personalized Email – This email makes it easy for your leads to find the offer later and also revisit the experience.

seo for convert visitors into leads

  • CRM implementation – When you implement a new IT system, it has to be combination of a set of official guidelines and personal involvement. A CRM system is not just technology; it’s knowledge around which a successful company would be built. Selecting the appropriate CRM will allow the business processes to be managed in most efficient manner. It’s important to know about every experience which touches your customer or the visitor (perspective customer).
  • It’s important to review the online lead management process and focus primarily on landing page, which is no doubt at heart of the lead conversion process. Any given landing page should be converting at a 15-20% rate. There are other important factors that govern the online lead management system. Also, it has to be a complete and inclusive process. A perfect online platform organizes the information while their automated system sends you real-time updates so you don’t miss any lead.
  • To sum it up, the basic idea is to derive a correct conversion path which suits your need, which should draw the right visitors to convert into leads. This customized conversion path is a unique strategy that makes us the best SEO service in India.

Convert Leads into Customer – Customer Acquisition Process

  • Premium content creation – Producing content that engages everyone is biggest content marketing challenge companies face today. Content assets require time, commitment and quality brainstorming. This is where we can help as we bring the best ideas and best content development service to you. Innovative content is a great customer acquisition strategy. We’ll help optimize the content that reflects your tone and voice. Our premium content development service includes:
    • Planned email campaigns
    • Lead Generation Campaigns
    • Premium E-Books
    • Lead Generating Downloads
    • Relevant case studies
    • Innovative and adaptive content
    • Exclusive content creation and distribution
  • Context marketing is a set of best practices planned to intensify the value of your content to your audience. It’s about combining insights about your audience to personalize the right content for them. The timing of content is also important. Timing sets the tone for the success of any contextual marketing campaign. When you are creating marketing plans that’s targeted at exactly when people need that particular content, it will work for sure. Customer is engaged in an organic manner, which helps to acquire leads. These are natural leads that are easy to convert. This is one aspect where we are one of the industry leaders amongst SEO solutions in Delhi/NCR and India.
  • The decision makers and prospective buyers of tomorrow are also active social media users. That’s the primary reason why content is more important than it ever was. Content marketing is more of a science than art now. It’s vital to talk about relevant content and trending voices. Content programs need objectives whether it’s lead generation, brand exposure or some other goal that content might serve more efficiently. Smart content marketing is the future and we are there to discover the power of original content.
  • Email marketing is a cost effective channel that is used to maintain and build relationships with potential customers. Writing compelling content is important as more effective your emails are, the more engaged your audience will be. We can include anything in an email, whether it’s video or an image or any new content channel. Email marketing can help your with your overall marketing efforts.

Delight – Generating promoters from customers

  • We like to earn inbound links from bigger portals. ‘Earn’ not ‘Build’ is our Link strategy. We are passionate about developing content that is user friendly and is extremely ethical. Natural link earning is an amazing and a rewarding way to boost your rankings. We’ll show how to earn natural links to your website without disengaging your audience. It’s all about power of original content. Remember, your customers, if satisfied can be your biggest promoter and SEO is all about mixing well with the communities.