Advanced Seo Packages in Delhi (India)

Search engine marketing strategy is changing with time as buyers habits has been changed so we have to update our marketing strategy with time. Google also changing it’s algorithm and making it more typical for those who believe in black hat practice. SSC India is best seo company in India provide most-up-to-date and complete seo packages in Delhi to rank higher you for your business keyword on search engine. if you are looking for Affordable seo services in delhi you are at the right place.

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Upto 10 KeywordsUpto 20 KeywordsUpto 40 Keywords
Site Analysischeck/check/check/
Content Duplicity Checkcheck/check/check/
Initial Rank Reportcheck/check/check/
In-depth Site Analysischeck/check/check/
Website structure checkcheck/check/check/
Canonical checkcheck/check/check/
Broken link checkcheck/check/check/
Page load checkcheck/check/check/
Google Penalty Checkcheck/check/check/
W3 validation checkcheck/check/check/
Internal structure checkcheck/check/check/
Backlink/inbound links analysischeck/check/check/
Online reputation checkcheck/check/check/
Cross Browser Compatibilitycheck/check/check/
Keyword rank trackingcheck/check/check/
Sitemap checkcheck/check/check/
Robots.txt checkcheck/check/check/
URL Structure analysischeck/check/check/
Brand Auditscheck/check/check/
Social Metrics analysischeck/check/check/
Initial Phone Consultation30 minutes1 hour1+1 hours
Campaign Setup
Keyword Research203060
Branded Keywordfor 1 brandfor 3 brandfor 5 brands
Competition Analysischeck/check/check/
Link building strategycheck/check/check/
Google & Bing Webmaster Toolscheck/check/check/
Google analytics integrationcheck/check/check/
Brand synchronizationfor 1 brandfor 3 brandfor 5 brands
404 Page Creationcheck/check/check/
Conversion setup1 form2 form5 form
On-Page Optimization
Content Optimization102050
Website Page Load Optimization102050
HTML Code Clean-up & Optimization102050
Pages H tags optimization102050
Anchor Tag Optimization102050
URL Structure optimization102050
Header Tags Optimization102050
Schema Mark-up Implementation10 pages20 pages50 pages
Robots.txt Creation/Analysischeck/check/check/
Image & Hyperlink Optimization102050
HTML & XML Sitemapcheck/check/check/
Web Pages Optimized102050
Local Search Optimization
Google My Business / Bing Local Listing1 location2 location5 location
NAP Syndicationcheck/check/check/
Citation Building/ Local Business Listing1 location2 location5 location
Google AdWords Managementnoup to 2kupto 5k
Updating Pages & Schema Integration102050
Classified Submissions203050
Coupon Distribution2510
Customer Review/Testimonial Submission2510
Local Search Engine Submissioncheck/check/check/
Setting Geo Targeting in Googlecheck/check/check/
Updating Pages & hcard Integration102050
Conversion Tracking
Web Form Conversion Tracking135
Call Trackingextraextraextra
Offline marketing campaign synchronizationcheck/check/check/
Content Marketing and Link Acquisition (Per Month)
Blog Writing123
Web 2.0 Profile Creation51020
Guest Blog postingextraextraextra
Guest Blog Social Bookmarkingnanana
Forum Postingcheck/check/check/
Informational Article Writing & Submission123
Article Social Bookmarkingcheck/check/check/
Press Release Writing & Distribution122
Premium PR Distributionextraextraextra
DOC / PDF Submission123
PPT Creation + Distribution246
Image / Pinterest Submission258
Infographic Creation & Distributionextraextraextra
Content Partnership Creationextraextraextra
Social PR 
Bloggers Outreach Campaign extra extra extra
Offer Creation extra extra extra
Influencer Outreach extra extra extra
Video Marketing (Per Month)
Video Creation + Distributionextraextraextra
PPT Video Creation + Distribution112
Voiceover Video Creation + Distributionextraextraextra
Blog Setupcheck/check/check/
Blog Optimizationcheck/check/check/
Blog seo setupcheck/check/check/
Blog RSS Feed Submissioncheck/check/check/
Blog Directory Submissioncheck/check/check/
Blog Social media integrationcheck/check/check/
Latest online Marketing Trend suggestionscheck/check/check/
Website Designing Consultationcheck/check/check/
Landing Page Analysischeck/check/check/
Enquiry pages Review and Suggestioncheck/check/check/
Mobile Compatibility checkcheck/check/check/
Call to Action suggestioncheck/check/check/
Landing page suggestioncheck/check/check/
Enquiry Form Optimizationcheck/check/check/
Thank you Page suggestioncheck/check/check/
KPI Reporting
Competitor intelligence reportcheck/check/check/
Website KPI Report Summarycheck/check/check/
Landing Pagecheck/check/check/
Keyword (Organic/seo)check/check/check/
Keyword (PPC/AdWords)check/check/check/
Keyword ranking Reportcheck/check/check/
Backlinks Reportingcheck/check/check/
Social Metrics Summarycheck/check/check/
Facebook Insight Reportcheck/check/check/
Twitter Analytic Reportcheck/check/check/
LinkedIn Insight Reportcheck/check/check/
SEO Status Reportsweekly and monthlyweekly and monthlyweekly and monthly
Customer Support (email, chat & phone)check/check/check/