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With globalization on map, web users look to find their search results specifically customized according to their location. A user from Delhi, searching for a ‘best restaurant’ would essentially be looking for a restaurant in New Delhi, not in Mumbai. If you are a local business, it is best that prospective customers can find you when they conduct a local search. Local SEO is a process of optimizing a business for a specific geographic location and if your aim is to attain fresh traffic, it’s important to realize why local optimization is so strategically crucial. We’ve seen a clear trend of growth amongst firms which offer local SEO services in India, but what makes us different is an exhaustive list of factors that we’ve prepared. This is a detailed list of factors that affect local SEO in India. Our local listings cover Google, Yahoo and Bing local business listing. We find the real search terms people are using when searching for your products or services and then incorporate them accordingly. Our goal is to help your business grow by driving more relevant traffic to your door. SSC India is a leading local SEO Company in India that can help your business dominate your local area and niche in the region.

It is even more important for companies that provide commercial product and services to have a prominent local audience. We can see a trending increase in number of people who visit local sites. Portals like justdial, askme, sulekha are gaining rapid popularity. Online search engines have developed their particular local business listing tools making it simple for small local businesses to market their products/services. By optimizing your website according to specific region, perspective customers will be more likely to find address of your physical location. Let’s not forget the marketing and advertising angle to it and how it can be a great ROI on your investments. At SSC India, we find the real search terms people are using and then carefully choose the appropriate mediums to promote and create rich descriptions of your business and services.

Smart phones and Tablets has become a crucial part of the everyday lives of people!

With the growing utilization of Smart phones and tablets, customers nowadays discover it simple to utilize their handheld devices to seek local merchandise, seeing that Google Maps now has over 240 Million Mobile Users. Beyond a doubt Google Maps has made known to be the leading search engine with almost 90% of the search results.

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Local SEO for Business

Go through our methodology for local SEO:

  • Analyzing local competition: We analyze your competitors and generally speaking the competition is always relatively less as compared to national companies in the same field. For example, there are far fewer fast food joints in a specific area of Gurgaon, as compared to the entire Delhi NCR region. Optimizing your site for local listings will make you far more valuable to a slightly smaller local audience. Determining the exact competitor and the correct geographical location can help you narrow down what are you working at and where do you stand? Small scale businesses flourish with this apt approach. This can flatten local competition.
  • Social media and localization: We pay lot of attention to blogs and social media platforms. We continuously monitor third-party reviews on all listings sites and social media posted for you. We’ll help you publish interesting content on your local blog, this in turn would give you good exposure in local media and citizens are more likely to notice that. It’s an easy way to get the general public on your side. We ensure to create meaningful profiles and packaged business info in main directories such as justdial, askme, sulekha, exporters India, India mart, etc. Revising content and optimizing local profiles on time radically enhances appearances in unbranded search results.
  • Mobile Optimization: Mobile phones and tablets are used by almost 45-55 percent of searchers. Our aim is to make your product or service specific to local searches. Search engines are collecting more information about search histories and doing everything to produce local results. Isn’t that a great market to tap? Our local SEO techniques ensure that you appear in business listings on mobile and Global Positioning System devices.
  • Local rank tracking: Our local SEO specialists geo-locate all searches to your region, thus the rankings we account will match to anyone who is searching in that particular region. We take pride when we report the rising trend of local ranks to our customers in a timely manner. We frequently submit updated content to relevant local directories to achieve and maintain high ranking.
  • Local Citation: We will find out and prioritize where to list your business manually, as according to research, citations alone can claim 20% of the entire local ranking factors. We also pay attention while submitting your business info on listing sites to make sure it is correct and valid. The idea is avoid duplication. It helps in ensuring NAP (Name, Address and Place) consistency as well. It is vital to take care of any changes in NAP as these small particulars are very important for a small business owner. Through these timely changes, we can also let your let your clients be acquainted with special events, new product launch, essential announcements or whatever you wish to make them know.
  • Maps Optimization: According to an estimate, search maps cover about 30-35 % of the first page search engine results and our local targeted map optimization techniques keep your offerings at the top with your contact information and precise location. Beyond a doubt Google Maps is the leading search engine tool with almost 90% of relevant search results.
  • Observing reviews: We continuously monitor third-party reviews on all listings sites. The mix of reactions that we record on social media is carefully investigated and used to target relevant customers in future. Our idea of a brand promotion strategy only starts after analyzing the local data that we collect. That’s how we offer the very best local SEO service in India.

How to catch quality clients? Simple! Opt for a local SEO company

SSC India believes that local SEO services can create a significant difference in the success of a business. Our team has a proven track record of delivering results for local businesses; we deliver quality content that achieves more than what you aim for, broadens your reach and provides repeat customers. We are well known for our ethical search optimization work. SSC India is passionate and focused while we provide local SEO solutions that focus on improving the local search results. We invite you to speak with our local search optimization experts.