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Link building is the process of obtaining ‘links’ from other websites to your own portal. Through these ‘links’, users try to navigate between pages on web. It is generally believed that if you can build high-quality links, it can put you miles ahead. The real question is which link building techniques to use without violating the complex guidelines set by search engines. As Google and other search engines become even more competent at filtering out low-quality links, organizations need to make sure that they only work on earning quality links. To counter that, we advise you to hire the very best specialized link building services. But before diving into that, let’s explore a thing or two about ethical link building. Let’s define an important term here, Backlink or inbound link. These ‘backlinks’ are directed towards your website and higher number of backlinks is an indication of the reputation or importance of that website. Without it, your internet marketing endeavors will fall through considerably. Search engines will give more recognition to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites increasingly relevant. This makes the search engines value your site better and eventually results in higher rankings in search results. We at SSC India are extremely methodical in our approach to link building. We believe the past plans and performance should be understood to efficiently build a strategy which will accomplish present and future marketing objectives. So, do you need link building company in India? Let’s figure out

Link building strategies: The theory

Search engines crawl pages on web to pull out the content and add it to their indexes. Other than this, search engines also look at the number of links pointing to a particular page from external websites. Google and other providers want to make sure the link building techniques they approve focus primarily on quality. Google measures the quality of a page based on the number of links pointing to it. This metric, Pagerank is used to determine the actual quality of the page. But once websites started manipulating Pagerank, Google released updates to ensure a clean process. More recently, Google has routinely penalized the rankings of websites which crossed the line while building links. Link building is evolved and the quality and authority of the domain is only verified if the content is relevant to your page. Concepts like ‘no follow’, which tell Google not to pass any Pagerank across the link to the target URL, were introduced. Practically speaking the links that have the nofollow attribute will not help the organic search rankings as directly as followed links. The primary idea for any link building company is to get your links followed and counted by Google. How to achieve that? Before we proceed further, let’s understand a term called Anchor text. In order to open a link, there is a small bit of text that users need to click. The text is formatted in a way to make it stand out from the rest of the text (usually blue color). A lot of links pointing to your website that contained your keyword as the anchor text use to be a very popular technique, but over optimization killed this strategy. You should never build too many links that have the exact same anchor text in them. In fact let’s quickly propose an idea regarding varying anchor texts which play a vital role as far as link building for SEO goes. Some generally used anchor texts are:

  • The direct URL – No text, just a raw URL hyperlinked and pointing to your site.
  • Landing Pages – A natural backlink profile will have links to less popular pages from your website. Remember, About us and contact form are equally important pages
  • Brand name: The backlink profile is quite natural if the iterations of your brand name occupy top spots. Brand name sets the tone and is the most crucial parameter from point of view of SEO and link building.
  • Images and alt tags: Your website should host some images on your site and insert them into blog posts and articles. Building links with images is a great way to vary your anchor texts. These are some of the many techniques that we at SSC India use to tactfully engage in a link building process.

Let’s check out different categories of links that reflect current situation of link building in India. Go through and understand what kind of practice your agency is proposing to you:

  • Non editorial links: As these links are not natural, they carry less weight than other type of links. With the introduction of Penguin update, Google has begun penalizing this type of link. One should generally avoid these links, as the aim is to fool the search engines into thinking content is relevant and important. Some examples include unmediated blog comments, forum signatures, directories that are not moderated e.g.
  • Natural Links and Outreach Link building: These are very best of the lot. A perfect example would be any unique piece of content that you’ve created and distributed to few key influential bloggers, and subsequently more bloggers have naturally become aware of it. These are high value links that are tough to create. It needs a planned approach that not many link building service in India can provide. The process includes manually contacting bloggers and influencers and asking them to link to you.
  • Earned backlinks – Stop link building and start link earning is the new buzzword in 2015. Earned links brings real value to the website. We can earn links directly if we produce the kind of content that we know someone wants to share and wants to link to. Great content gets discussed and is researched a lot. That’s the essence of ‘Earned Links’

Also, if all of your links come from the same IP address, search engines will perceive that you are doing something suspicious. One has to be careful about interlinking multiple websites on the same IP address. If you own five websites that are related, then a link to each website on a page could also hurt you, as it may look like you are doing something wrong. This wishful manipulation of backlinks is called backlink bombing which is a dangerous practice and is highly avoidable at any cost. These are some crucial aspects which indicate the need for an ethical digital marketing company like SSC India

Professional Link Building services: SSC India

As a business, you need to weigh up the risks of any marketing activity. White hat link earning strategies pose the least amount of risk and provide you with great rankings and loyal customers. Latest updates in Google algorithm will be focused on fighting spam and will shift towards finding social signals. It’s important to rely upon credible link building practices. We at SSC India will direct all our resources on high quality content based link building approach. While there are no shortcuts, there are still a few solid link building strategies that work. Contact our link building expert for more information.