General SEO FAQs

Search engine optimization is a process which involves the improvement in the rankings or the visibility on the pages of search engines such as- Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, by implementing search engine friendly elements into a website. Operations of Search engine optimization is basically divided into two areas- On page-optimization and off-page optimization. SEO is considered as the most formidable web marketing technique.

Search engine spiders are the kind of programs that visits the web pages of the websites, index and rank each of the pages on the subject matter. They actually responsible for creating entries for a search engine index. They operate on certain algorithms programmed by software engineers to visit those sites which are new in the market or come with an update.

Page rank is a kind of parameter use by Google to measure the importance of a web page, on the basis of their prominence and relevant keywords. This factor also plays a significant role in improving the rankings of the website because people always tend to relevant content and the page ultimately helps websites with more links.

Practices which include link farms, duplicate content, keyword spamming, page cloaking are considered under the domain of black hat SEO. These operations work for the rankings but only for a short span of time because algorithms formulated by Google has a constant watch on these practices and it eventually leads to penalties and ban to the website.

Local Search directs towards the use of prominent internet search engines that facilitate users to submit geographically confined searches against a distinguished database of business listings. Local SEO is a distinguished technique focused on delivering results relevant to the current location of a searcher.

Black Hat SEO is a search engine optimization technique, which involves the operations considered unethical as per the updates of Panda and Penguin formulated by Google. These sorts of techniques operating against the guidelines of Google and leads to penalties to the website as well a ban also, some processes of this technique are- Paid back links, duplicate content, unwanted keyword stuffing and doorway pages. While White Hat SEO operations directed towards the techniques which are under the ethical ambit of Google and search engine approved. The initial results of white Hat SEO might be slow, but their results will always perpetual.

Domain and SEO Related FAQs

Definitely, keywords in a domain name are the prime subjects that are taken in to keen consideration by the prominent search engines. We can’t determine the exact influence of this in rankings, but keywords in the title tags and page content are always considered more prominent than keywords in a domain name.

No it doesn’t have any effect on SEO.

Hyphens are generally helping search engines to parse long domain names for keywords. But it is always better to avoid hyphens than the use of short potential domain name in search engines. Many of the search engines still use large domain names without the use of hyphens.

Yes, SSC India has all the relevant experience and required tools which help you out in choosing a good domain for your website.

Yes, SSC India can help you in choosing an extra domain name for your website with all the required redirects for these domains.

Website and SEO Related FAQs

If you are craving to see an excellent growth in your business from your website, then it is highly recommendable for your website to get effectively optimized. Substantial portion of the internet users search to find their solution and among 90% of them use to prefer first page solutions and if your website will not be optimized, then it lost its ranking and your sales graph will get declined for sure.

There are many SEO optimization activities which can increase the number of visitors or draw traffic to your website. The range of activities will get implemented relies on several factors, like- The budget of client, competition of the searches and the overall strategy. Although the range of activities prevailing in the optimization process to increase traffic comprises of- SEO campaign, paid search traffic by running an Adwords, e-mail marketing campaign, procure inbound links from other alike websites, online advertising using banner ads and offline marketing techniques.

Many reasons can be held for not appearing your website in search results, some of are like-
• Your website is not same as per the standards of SEO-friendly.
• Your website can be on black listed for spam or abuse.
• Use of some inappropriate scripts may be serving as an impediment for the search engines from indexing the website.
• Your website is having an optimized content or duplicate content.
• May be it not submitted in a proper way.

Sites which have not gone through the effective optimization are vulnerable to such issues like the searches shows your website by your company name, and when it search on competitive key-phrases, your website doesn’t show any rank. To curb this menace, you have to target less-competitive key-phrases to outwit your competitors.

SSC India will work in collaboration with you through the most optimal keywords to target on your website. Our domain of research many factors in to the keen consideration, like- Annual searches, present competition and other metrics. We will guide you about everything that will assist you in avoiding blunders in SEO practices.

There is a general perception that 30 to 90 days are sufficient to get appear in top search engine rankings. But this idea doesn’t hold for competitive key-phrases.

Yes, but only basic SEO is included to realize the purpose of the website redesign. This basic set of SEO strategy includes- Content audit, extensive keyword research, page/file/directory naming convention, page analysis, content optimization, unique and keyword rich title and meta tags for every page, alt tagging of images, internal linking strategy, placement of Google analytics code of tracking purposes and creation or submission of XML sitemap.

SSC India implements Google Analytics on all websites worked by it. This effective tool provides an excellent amount of information, like – The number of visitors in a month and the most popular pages which drawing traffic to your website. Once the site is ready to get off the ground or launched, we will let you know about the all the prominent features this tracking tool provides and how it can be implemented to make crucial business decisions.

Yes, the search engine rankings fluctuate all the time because of the rising competitiveness.

While writing don’t keep in your mind that you are writing for the search engines. Keywords will be included naturally in this piece of content as you already write relevant to your business, services and product. SSC India will keenly review this content and add the required keyword.

Paid Search Related FAQs

SEO( Search Engine Optimization) is a set of strategies which assist in generating and improving the volume of traffic in the form of No. of visitors to a website from search engines in the form of un-paid search engine listings. The motto is clear to view in the high-rankings of search results on first page. On the other hand, SEM is also a tool of web marketing that directed towards to promote and draw traffic to a website by increasing its visibility on the SERPs through contextual advertising, paid placement and paid inclusion.

The choice is purely yours. Some clients choose not to run ads if they are organically ranking for a specific keyword, on the other hand, some choose to run the ad so that they can get a preference on the top of the page through PPC as well as rank organically. SSC India can help you to make a decision when the same situation arises.

No, there is not any specified limit to rank organically for a keyword but there must be a unique and relevant content for that keyword. In term of paid research, there is no limit specified for the keywords you target.

SSC India Related FAQs

We have been working in this industry for almost 10 years and providing search engine rankings.

Our operations rely on the keen analysis of the required SEO strategies for your website, consulting and recommendations from the experts of SEO for increasing your visibility on the search engines. Registration of your website on the rankings of prominent search engines and different directories, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing. Optimized content with added links and improved keyword rankings. We are keeping a constant update of keyword rankings across all the search engines.

The web professionals of SSC India will design a website on the lines of personalized user-interface, so it will become easier for the visitors to become the perspective customer. We have a decade of experience in website handling and how to convert a visitor into a customer. And all the processes are done under the legal practices.

It entirely depends on the SEO package chosen and the particulars of the assignment. We will constantly in touch with the documents via e-mail, these documents will be like- Keyword list report, project proposal, order conformation report, day wise activities, progress of web development on web development, search engines rankings on monthly basis and the content as per the requirement.

We have marked a prominent position by our distinguished domain of SEO services. We are delivering SEO services in the ambit of the budget, we just charge what we deserve. A client-centric approach, process focused and a knowledge-driven SEO campaign are the pillars of our strategies.

Depending on the service package we accept all the credit cards, NEFT, Cheques and money by wire transfer.

The assessment of key phrase link is done on a monthly basis and forward it to the customer. We are in the practice of implementing newly researched SEO operations and result on a weekly basis. Keen monitoring the searches on search engines and directories daily. Cost of the package depends upon the following factors, like- No. of keyword phrases optimization, cost involved in pay-per submission directories, number of links to used to improve link popularity and the extent of sophistication involved on the aspect of programming. And we charge a fee for the set-up by following mentioned criterion.

We can’t commit you some exact figures of sales and inquiries because these two things based on the type of business, service and the product you want to be get promoted by us. But we assure you an excellent growth in comparison of past records of sales.

SSC India has a prominent experience and the required tools prevailing in the digital marketing industry which can assist you to frame SEO and content strategy for your website. We frame our SEO practices in accordance with your business needs, ongoing competition in searches and your particular aim.

SSC India committed to deliver you the set of most optimal SEO strategies and we customized your campaign in a unique way so that it can suit client specific needs. Our operations are backed by an expert team of SEO professionals who ensure improved visibility, high online traffic which will eventually pay in higher sales and revenue. We have a class apart in the area of digital marketing.