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We at SSC India believe in creating brand awareness and improving traffic and conversion rate for our clients. Our plan is to increase on page conversions, elevate and maintain the search ranking in search engine results.

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E-commerce in India is quickly moving into a phase where it’s become a major channel for business owners. Ecommerce SEO services offer use of various strategies to improve your search rankings for your product pages. E-commerce SEO is a crucial part of the marketing function as well. 70% of your website traffic still comes from organic search results. That’s why the main aim for any ecommerce SEO company is to improve your search ranking.

There are big challenges that e-commerce websites face. Common problems include:

  • Trying to avoid duplicate content,
  • Use of technical jargons
  • Highlighting the difference between two similar pages
  • Not having enough content
  • Duplicate meta title tag
  • Over optimising each page
  • Bad linking habits
  • Extremely slow site speed.

The biggest challenge for a business owner is to keep an eye on all these factors and also the traffic that comes in and goes out of the website. In fact the e-commerce scenario is so crowded that even if you perform well momentarily, it’s still tough to be consistent. Traditional ecommerce SEO services in India are unable to handle the growing challenges of the market. Google is looking for a certain kind of content and site structure now (just observe the number of updates that happened in last one year). There are some basic problems related to link building and optimization for individual pages of an ecommerce website as most pages have little or less content. Our advice is to get your site audited for some common errors that could be costing you potential traffic. First, let’s drill down on the process that we follow.

how do we offer the best On-page ecommerce seo services in India? 

Ecommerce On page SEO

Our methodology – Our aim is to create a customised On page strategy separately for your store, category and brand pages. We pay attention to:

  1. Website structure – Improving website structures is an important step in reference to ecommerce SEO in India. The main reason is healthy competition by global ecommerce giants. Website navigation should always be user friendly. We test every section, every page, and every corner of the website. Easy site navigation and flow optimisation is necessary. We design product pages for conversions and meaningful internal linking. This is the key to optimal search replacements.
  2. Keyword targeting – It’s important to realise the potential of your sales conversion process. We try to identify and work on users who are part of the buying cycle. The meta tags should focus on visitors. Some important points regarding keywords:
  • The e-commerce industry is so competitive that if you wrongly judge your keywords, the battle is already lost. Ensure that even if it takes hundreds of hours, you’ve done a detailed keyword research before starting any campaign.
  • Please don’t focus only on search engine rankings. The idea is conversion and more focused visitors.
  • Make a process wherein you check your keywords on a continuous basis. Just because you have uploaded the webpage and the website is live, doesn’t mean that that job is already done. It’s an ongoing process. This constant zeal to improve is unfortunately a rare sign for any company offering ecommerce seo service in India.
  • Long tail keywords are the key here. If you choose a broad term, visitors could end up being frustrated when they don’t find what they are looking for. Long tail keywords consist of many words and they are really precise. Not surprisingly, long tail keywords see a lot of traffic. This is one strategy that most SEO firms completely miss. Highly relevant keywords even with a lower volume are a definite hit.
  • Location-based keywords are really helpful for your local visitors. Optimization for local search rankings is a very important opportunity that you don’t want to miss.
  1. Platforms – We possess experience in optimizing platforms like magento, shopify, big commerce and many more. We want to optimize a fast, mobile friendly and responsive website for you. Positive and encouraging user experience is as important as SEO.
  2. History – We review the history of all your marketing strategies in the past. This also helps us to improve upon mistakes and further target accurate keywords.
  3. Social media integration- One of our first order of action is to integrate your blog with the website. We try to use the blog posts to produce visitors for your product pages. It’s also vital to include the customer reviews.
  4. Rich snippets and descriptions-Snippets could not only help you stand out in web searches, it can be the strategy that makes you different from your competitors. Rich snippets are also used for reviews and other information that you want to display. Similarly, a good meta description would encourage visitors to click. It is a lot of hard work to describe all the products but it’s worth your time.
  5. Fix Website errors – It’s important to eliminate the common errors that hinder performance. We take care of 405 pages, remove duplicate content, redirect 301 & 302 and look for other complex SEO errors.

What about Off-page ecommerce website SEO techniques? 

Ecommerce Off page SEO

Our methodology – Most search engines try to offer quality content to their users. That’s the reason link building is all about quality now. We believe, link building should be targeted, result oriented and fair. We are probably the only ecommerce SEO agency in India that only believes in ethical SEO solutions.  This is even more important for an e-commerce website. Our off page tactics cover:

  1. Authority – Link building should happen within the industry and through reliable industry brands only. It is important to make sure that you only select reputed directories and sources for link building. In fact we focus on link earning more. We’ve ensured successful link building/earning in unbelievably competitive industries. With our sustained hard work, we have often outranked major e-commerce competition. We only specialize in White hat link building techniques. Our strategy is absolutely customized according to your preferences.
  2. Quality content and social presence – Quality content helps you earn link and create social buzz. That in turn builds relationships and trust. It eventually helps you gain new customers. Well-directed content is the central theme for any successful ecommerce website SEO

We report results like no other ecommerce seo company in India can!

Ecommerce Reporting

Reporting methodology – Our clients have the complete right to know what they’re paying for, the results that they achieve at each stage, and how consumers interact and that’s why we keep you involved through the entire process.

  1. We offer an updated client dashboard and offer timely updates on your search rankings. Our dashboard is also connected to major analytics software so you can have all the access that you need.
  2. We report about quality and content of link building process. You should know about every link that we connect to.
  3. We’ll also keep you updated about all mediums like white papers, PPC, and all in-house email marketing campaigns.
  4. The primary reason we are popular with clients is because we offer measurable results within exact time frames.
  5. Once the optimization part is done, we analyse the success of our campaign and brainstorm to perform better.

SSC India is a trusted name for inbound marketing and ecommerce SEO service in India. Our e-commerce services are convenient and result oriented. We cater to clients all over the world. SEO is a passion for us, and we also have several years of experience designing and developing e-commerce websites. Please get in touch with our experts for a chat about your e-commerce SEO strategy.