SEO & Web Marketing Case Studies


“Great organic traffic is critical to the success of any small or medium business, I spent a lot of time searching for a Seo Company that could rank my website at an affordable price. My search ended with SSC India! we ranked more than 30 business keywords.”

SEO Client
Co-Founder & Director
MobiKwik Wallet, Zaakpay

Sujay Khandge

“SSC India is the perfect Seo Company to support our mission of helping companies find business loans. Inbound marketing is the future and SSC India is the right solution to take us there. We ranked for our all business keywords in just 4 month. Thanks SSC India”

Seo Client
Digital Marketing Expert
Bajaj Finserv
SSC ranks CTA

Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas

  •  Achieved the first page ranking on Google for the keywords “unusual jewellery”, “unique dresses”, “next day delivery dresses”.
  •  Registered a formidable boost of 300% in the organic traffic.
  •  Our constant efforts lead to 24% hike in sales.
  •  Our painstaking research on social media trends leads to 40% increase in social fans.
  •  SEO revenue from non-branded keywords increased incredibly by 368% within a span of 12 months.

Pride Hotel

  •  We have made a real difference by White hat SEO techniques and bring 12 out of 15 important phrases in Google top 10 results.
  •  Visitors rate was improved by 340 %.
  •  Un-monitored 160+ key phrases are on Google top 10 results.
  •  Our visitors rate made the website very popular among the people searched for Luxury hotels.

Fabrics & Papers

fabrics and papers

  •  Many keywords ranked even higher than their original position before the Google Panda update
  •  “Designer wallpaper” ranked at position 22 in Google before the Panda update which dropped the keyword down to #81 in Google. In January 2015 “designer wallpaper” ranked at position 9 in Google, 12 places higher than the original ranking
  •  “Curtain fabric” ranked #24 but bounced back to rank #7 on page 1 of Google
  •  “Statement wallpaper” ranked at position 12 on page 2 of Google before the update but went up to the #1 spot in Google
  •  Organic traffic increased by 174% year on year

TRC Consulting

trc consulting

  •  Achieved best ranking in just a few months and achieved top #1 position for 30% of prime business keywords.
  •  20% keywords are on top #5 positions and remaining are in top #10.
  •  Organic traffic unprecedentedly increased by 1400 %.
  •  Visitor rate rapidly improved by 5 times per day.

Food Feasta


  •  Many keywords ranked even higher than their original position before the Google Panda update
  •  Achieved a prominent ranking in just two months.
  •  Our dedicated efforts delivered 50% keyword ranking in top 10 positions.
  •  Organic traffic increased by 6 times.
  •  Conversion rates stand prominently on 12 times from the initial position.

3a Learning Solutions


  •  Achieved preeminent ranking in just 3 months .
  •  50% keywords are on top #5 positions.
  •  Organic traffic unprecedentedly increased.
  •  Visitor rate rapidly improved by 412.04%

IALM Academy

IALM Academy

  •  Improved 61.22% organic Traffic on website
  •  Improved 72.90% New users on website
  •  Improved 33.78% Mobile Traffic on website
  •  Improved 62.39% Search Traffic on website

Resell Reservations

Resell Reservations

  • Achieved top most ranking #10 of above 35% keyword within completion of 2 months
  • Abbove 40% keywords are on 2nd page of searches results
  • Remaining keyword’s ranked up higher than their original position
  • Visitor’s rate increased by 54% within just 2 months. Organic traffic boost by 35%



  • Achieved above 40% severe keyword ranking in top ten searches within 3 months for e-commerce website.
  • The keywords that are highly relevant to the website are on the top searches of Google first page
  • Improved 94.11% traffic on the website over a time period of 3 months
  • Increased 480% conversion rate of the website that is directly proportional to revenue of the business.

MP Farming

MP Farming

  • 27 keywords ranked on top position within 6 months for Real Estate Website
  • Successfully increased 2,125% Visitor’s on the website and boost organic traffic as well as direct traffic
  • Good conversion rate of all the traffics in just 6 months.