5 Biggest Reasons to Get Rid of your SEO Agency right away

Some believe that SEO is dead and some believe that SEO is the best online marketing strategy, in the middle of such critical debate; I personally believe that SEO is continually evolving and it can never be dead and moreover helps you to achieve the maximum ROI if done right.

So, the discussion is now steered to how we can say that we are implementing “right” SEO strategies. For that we can’t help but rely on our SEO service provider. Well, like each human being is not reliable, not each SEO service provider is reliable.

Below I have come up with 5 reasons why you should fire your SEO service provider without wasting a bit of time and money.

1) They don’t want you to involve in the process

When an SEO service provider don’t want you to get involved in the process, that’s a sign to be warned, chances are high that they are not performing “white-hat practices”. They must be doing things which violates the search engine terms of use.

I completely agree that “black-hat practices” deliver quick results but keeping in view of the advanced and evolving technology of Google, the corollaries of quick results will soon be identified by Google and in the worst case when you type your site on Google say ‘site:example.com’ , it will show zero results. So why take chances?

Ask your SEO agency how and what they carry out to rank you well on search engines?

Tell them to explain you in layman’s language without using industry jargons.

 2) They do Spammy practices for getting inbound links

It is of high importance that all digital marketers should maintain a hawk’s eye on the inbound links coming to their site through signing in to their Google webmaster tools account. A website’s inbound links defines its authority as well as trustworthiness. A tsunami of irrelevant and low-quality inbound links drags your website to get the manual penalty from Google.

These spammy inbound links are the outcome of erroneous link building and the responsible one is obviously your SEO service provider.

Without any doubt, if they are doing SEO for you, they must be building inbound links for you. Find out how they are doing link building? You should understand the difference between “making inbound links” and “earning inbound links”. In a nutshell, “Making inbound links” refers to the practice of getting irrelevant inbound links means getting links from the sites where your intended audiences do not dwell on the other side “earning inbound links” refers to the practice which can be said relevant, natural and organic meaning to say getting links from the site where your target audience live.

If they are the ones who are responsible for getting you a rush of spammy backlinks then fire them right away.

3) They don’t know or become flexible to Google Algo updates

All fine SEO companies know what Google updates are.

A great deal of the SEO companies have become invisible from the market in a few years of time and the reason is they don’t know how to become flexible to changes and updates which Google continually makes. Approximately ten years back when Google pays high emphasizes to quantity, the practice of doing tons of bookmarking, classifieds, directories and keywords stuffing deliver noticeable results but now the scenario becomes different and it goes up than mere doing these things in bulk.

Now Google continually updates its algo and if you want to be in the competition you have to become supple to Google updates.

Ask your company what they do when Google makes a big algo change; if you don’t get a satisfactory answer fire them.

4) They don’t do on-page technical SEO

If you want to view the on-page technical SEO components you are required to look at the source code of the webpage. Technical SEO are components that involve IP detection, load time, 301 & 302 redirects, HTTP, javascript, flash, crawler access. These all elements play an important role in SEO and if you want to succeed in the long haul, you can’t help but pay a close attention to them. For instance if you want to increase the load time of your website, you are required to pay attention to using CDN (Content Delivery Network), AJAX, jQuery, etc.

If your SEO agency doesn’t do on-page technical SEO, you are required to be warned.

5) They hesitate to show you complete report

A fine SEO company is the one who is not hesitate to show you detailed reporting of how your website is doing over SERPs. Detailed reporting doesn’t mean involving of the irrelevant topics such as Alexa ranking (Accept if your website is a giant over internet), no. of classified submitted etc. What they do is they just show you the heavy numbers of activities such as bookmarking, classifieds which you think they have done a lot for you but in reality these practices have become “old-school” now and further they do it by using software like roboform. They will tell you they have done n no. of articles and blogs for you and have submitted over the n no. of places. Find out the authority and PageRank of the n no. of places where they have submitted your content.

Are they ready to show you on-demand reports?

The thing is that they do the work for you at the last week of the month to show you results, that’s why they will show reluctance to give you on-demand reports.

Further, they will not feel safe to give performance of all the keywords; they will only give the ranking of 5 to 6 keywords long-tail keywords which are less competitive and easy to rank for.

What they have to show you include all keywords progress, impact on traffic, sales, ROI (Return of investment figures), seasonal SEO efforts (if applicable) and how well your website is doing on social media.

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